Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Girls Florida Trip - Year Two

Hey everyone!  After a successful girls trip last year, my mom and I decided to try it again!!

We headed out on Friday afternoon around 1pm.  I hadn't been feeling well the past few days but I was determined to get this trip in.  My mom's friend Lana (she went with us last year) didn't have enough of us last year so she decided to join us again this year.  Can you tell we were a little excited!!  Joanna on the other hand, doesn't know that her life is getting ready to be rocked - mommy leaving her!!

We drove quite a bit and stopped about 5 hours from Daytona.  We arrived at our destination on Saturday at around 1pm and headed straight for the beach.

This was the first sunset we saw in words!!

Can I just say "what a different a year makes".  Last year I was so nervous about my girls around the pool but this year, after many lessons, they don't even need belts!  They are fish!!

We haven't spent as much time at the beach but we did get some quality beach time.  They found baby jellyfish.  Last year was a crab, this year is jellyfish babies.  They were able to pick them up and play with them.  The lifeguard told us they didn't sting so they were all over it.

So Lana decided she would paint the girls fingernails.  Needless to say, the 6 nail polishes for $4.99 aren't the best quality so all of the polish came off the next day.  So you guessed it, the girls made her paint them again.

There's a great place to eat down here that has cajun peel and eat shrimp.  We have been there every other day and I will say, the shrimp gets better each time we go there.   90% of the pictures we try taking of Kenlee, her eyes are shut!

My girls playing with a new friend.  This year they really were very outgoing and comfortable with meeting new friends.

(getting ready to head out shopping!!)

(she's starting to get the hang of picture taking)

(see the rainbow in the background?)

(yes, we are at the shrimp place again!!)

We we have two more days left on our vacation.  The time has really went fast but I'm so thankful to have the opportunity to make these wonderful memories with my children.

More pictures soon.


  1. So glad you are having a good trip. It looks beautiful!! Fun time with the girls.

  2. Love all the pictures!! Hope you are having a great time! :)

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